Cops Pin Down Disabled Man On 170 Degree Pavement Until Skin Melts Off

LeBeau screamed for mercy, begging the officer to take him to the sidewalk. In the end, LeBeau told TFTP in an exclusive that he also suffered third-degree burns over much of his body, including his feet, as he was not wearing shoes at the time.

Predictably, those who can find no fault with law enforcement tactics stood by their officer and stated he was simply following police protocol. LeBeau told TFTP he was denied his request to put on his flip-flops in the blazing Arizona summer heat and was forced to stand barefoot on the ground. This was the same heat that melted trashcans.

He said he began dancing to keep his feet from burning, an action unscrupulous cop supporters said indicated he was obviously on drugs. But a drug test later showed he was not under the influence of any alcohol or drugs at the time he was stopped for speeding. Below, LeBeau documented his injuries in a YouTube video:

LeBeau went back to the scene of the crime the day after and quite humbly, one could say, explained how hot it was on the day he was assaulted. He did so by cooking a pork chop on the very spot where he was burned.

Instances like Nelson’s and LeBeau’s highlight one of many possible scenarios. Either the police know how hot the pavement is in over 100-degree heat, and they are trying to punish the suspects, or they are simply ignorant about the possibility that their actions could result in life-threatening injuries.

Nelson’s burns were so horrific that he suffered injuries to his liver and his kidneys and required several surgeries. His current hospital bill is approaching $2 million and he is suing for damages both to his body and his state of mind, as well as punitive damages against the officers. Nelson’s lawyers are asking for $26 million in compensation. His injuries will stay with him for the rest of his life and were completely avoidable in the eyes of many who are following the case.


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