Rich New Yorkers Try To Ban Homeless Veterans From Manhattan

This is a tourist area. Can you imagine you are like next door, you have the best hotels in New York City, you destroy that in order to help 150 people,” said restaurant owner Maria Loi, according to CBS2. The New York Times has described Loi as a “celebrity chef.”

NY1 reports that some residents have hired a public relations expert and a lawyer in their fight to keep homeless veterans out of their neighborhood. It’s unclear if that group is the same as the West 58th Street Coalition.

One resident suggested that de Blasio is moving the homeless into the wealthy neighborhood to get at President Trump.

I think it’s crazy. I think he just wants to get to Trump,” Leonardo DeVega told CBS2. “His son lives across the street, and Trump lives a block away.”

Manhattan residents overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in the 2016 election, giving her more than 86 percent of the vote.


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