Senate Bill Will Force Universities To Protect Free Speech On Campuses

Senate bill proposes to protect free speech on University campuses

A new bill going through the Senate will put an end to liberal universities across America trying to unconstitutionally suppress free speech.

On Wednesday, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah introduced the legislation to protect free speech on campus. reports: The bill, called the “Free Right to Expression in Education Act,” would prohibit public institutions of higher education from quarantining free expression into small, misleadingly labeled “free speech zones” on their campuses.

If enacted, the measure would free tens of thousands of public university students from these restrictive, unconstitutional zones.

The Free Right to Expression in Education Act states, in part:

Each public institution of higher education . . . may not prohibit . . . a person from freely engaging in noncommercial expressive activity in an outdoor area on the institution’s campus if the person’s conduct is lawful.

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